Many people consider researchers as unattainable, „geek” scientist who are sitting in their ivory towers embracing the knowledge inaccessible for layman’s. This is the reason why the European Union emphasizes the importance of disclosing and „disseminating” the knowledge and results generated through EU supported and funded projects for a broader audience in a common language.

The internationally acknowledged experts of the HSMTC are highly experienced in the following areas: implementing innovative communication strategies, conducting stakeholder mapping, disclosing project results electronically, using tools from ordinary website development till advanced social media presence, as well as organising workshops, and conferences in order to make every result accessible for the public.

Experts: Palicz Tamás Dr., Márton Kis, László Bencze, Adrienn Tálosi, Szabolcs Jakab, Péter Szegner, Attila Borbás, Anna Kozák, Linda Alpern, Zita Velkey Dr., Edmond Girasek Dr., Eszter Kovács Dr., Szilvia Márfyné Kerekes, Zoltán Aszalós