Support for the hEalth workforce Planning and forecasting Expert Network


05/09/2017 – 2020

About the project

The “Support for the hEalth Workforce Planning and Forecasting Expert Network” is a joint tender based on the results of the previous Joint Action on European Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting (JA EUHWF) and forecasting programme.
The purpose of this tender is to maintain and operate the professional network of experts of health workforce planning and forecasting.

SEPEN sets out 5 work packages (WP):

  • support and development of professional network and knowledge sharing (WP1),
  • mapping and organization of country-specific health workforce design knowledge (WP2),
  • sharing of good practices in professional workshops and organizing and implementing these workshops (WP3 ),
  • professional support for the implementation of healthcare planning in the countries designated by the European Commission later, in the form of professional
  • consultation, counseling (WP4),
  • dissemination (WP5).

Semmelweis University is the leader of the joint tender consoritum, undertakes project co-ordination and WP5 leadership and WP1, WP2 co-leadership.

For further information please go to the tender’s website


Consortium leader: Semmelweis University Health Services Management Training Centre

Consortium members:

  • Katholike Universitat Leuven (Belgium)
  • MDS Ministero della Salute (Italy)
  • CPME Standing Committee of European Doctors (Belgium)
  • AGENAS – Agenzia Nazionale per i Servizi Sanitari Regionali (Italy)

HSMTC contact

Name: Eszter Kovács (senior lecturer) 
Phone: +36 1 488 7613