About the team

It is a well-known fact that the quality of care differs by regions, institutions or even by caregivers and this can significantly affect the effectiveness and therefore the health status of patients. The Patient Safety group of HSMTC has long been dedicated to research the field of quality of health care and patient safety. The aim of the patient safety group is to determine the basics of high quality care, strengthen quality improvement approach and highlight directions of healthcare evolution. Because caregiving should not be the place of mistakes but rather should be the venue of effective healing.

The nationally recognized experts of the Institute has been taking part actively in projects designed to improve the quality of the health care system and support organizational culture of patient safety. Our experts were engaged in the development of the “NEVES” Patient Safety Program, in the recommendation of NEKED (recommendation for managing adverse events), in the creation of the MIBES (Hungarian Patient Care Standards) strategy and participated in many related international projects (e.g. PATHPaSQEuroHOPE). Additionally, our PS group played key role in the establishment of the Hungarian Health Accreditation System called “BELLA” program.

Experts: Éva Belicza Dr., Judit Lám Dr.,  Heléna Safadi Dr., Viktor Dombrádi Dr., Gergely Mikesy Dr., Erika Sinka, Fruzsina Sinka, Szilvia Farkas, Ivett Baranyi, Cecília Surján, Irina Ugrin

Contact: surjan.cecilia@emk.semmelweis.hu

About NEVES Program

“NEVES” Patient Safety Program (NEm Várt ESemények= Adverse Events) is a national research, reporting and learning system in Hungary, organized by HSMTC (Health Services Management Training Centre). The purpose of this program is to improve patient safety in the Hungarian healthcare system.

Within the research program we collect data of preliminarily defined adverse events with the help of the participating hospitals who report the events anonymously.
The results and observations are discussed on the “NEVES” Patient Safety Forum organized in every two month. Its purpose is to arrange a possibility for all those who are interested in patient safety to meet and exchange all available experience on the subject.

Basic purposes of the “NEVES” Patient Safety Program:

  • Decrease the number of risks, mistakes and adverse events during the healthcare process
  • Disseminate and improve the culture of patient safety
  • Improve the quality of healthcare process
  • Teaching and training of committed professionals of patient safety
  • Extensive informing of professionals and the population

The improvements of the research program and the reporting system are based on the principles given by the WHO (World Health Organization).

For further information please visit the NEVES Program’s website or contact us: