EnterMode is a project funded within the Erasmus+ programme that aims to stimulate entrepreneurial skills of higher education teaching staff and company staff and develop the entrepreneurial mind-set and related skills of higher education students. Its main objectives are:

  • Raising awareness on the importance of internships for HE students in general and for building entrepreneurial skills, especially by developing HEIs– companies partnerships;
  • Capacity building of HE teaching staff and companies’ trainers, to organise entrepreneurial teaching and learning;
  • Developing an integrated model of entrepreneurship skills acquisition that includes different levels of learning, using online serious game;
  • Building a community of practice that allows for developing common practice and integrating newcomers into existing business communities;
  • Developing learning analytics to enable the tracking of learning progress and adapt the EnterMode programme to personal and organisational needs.
    The project will develop a novel model of internship to be implemented by a working group of 14 international partners and then tested on a student pilot sample.

EnterMode kick-off meeting
In January 2019, the Pegaso Telematic University welcomed the EnterMode project partners in Naples (IT) for the kick-off meeting of the project. The meeting provided the opportunity for all the project partners to meet and set the base for the following project phase.

Training workshop in Munich
In June 2019, a training workshop was organised in Munich (DE). The aim of the activity was to give the participants an insight about entrepreneurial training in different European countries and share experiences about the way different universities organise and monitor internships at national and international level, based on the findings of the Background Study on “Entrepreneurial education in HE in partners’ countries, entrepreneurial skills required by HE students, framework for internships”.

The workshop represented the opportunity to start designing the main elements of the EnterMode internship model. In order to give participants an impression of how entrepreneurship education works in practice, the activity included a visit to the Entrepreneurship Centre of LMU.

Partner meeting in Košice

In November 2019, the third meeting of the EnterMode project took place in Kassa, where participants reviewed the integrated model of entrepreneurship skills aquisition developed during the year and the concept of the game developed to support the model. A further theme was the development of HEIs–companies partnerships for the promotion of entrepreneurial education of higher education students, during their internships.

Key issues of entrepreneurial education and internship in HE analysed by the EnterMode consortium
The first output of the EnterMode project is a background study on entrepreneurial education and internships in higher education. The study analyses the context in the partners’ countries with regards to the following issues:

  • Entrepreneurial education in HE in partners’ countries for students of non-business studies;
  • HE framework for internships in partner countries;
  • Views of stakeholders (students, HEI staff and companies) on required characteristics of internship programmes;
  • Views of internships stakeholders (HEI staff and companies) on needed entrepreneurial competences;
  • Views of internships stakeholders (students, HEI staff and companies) on gamification as a learning tool for entrepreneurial education.

The executive summary contains key recommendations which will influence the development of an internship model for the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills and competences by HE students. All the documents will soon be published on the project website.

The EnterMode Community
Do you want to support the development, sharing and critical reflection of entrepreneurship practice? Join the newly founded community of practice of EnterMode!

We aim to provide a space for learning and collaboration between teachers, trainers and practitioners from both HE and companies interested in developing students’ entrepreneurial skills students and organising internships.

The EnterMode community can now be found on DISCUSS, the European Platform for Communities of Practice in Lifelong Learning

After registering on the Platform all you need to do is clicking on the EnterMode banner to access our community.

Project partners
EnterMode is an EU Erasmus+ project bringing together project partners and experts from 8 countries: Belgium, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Slovakia, and The Netherlands. 


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