An important element of the EnterMode project is the pilot testing of the developed internship model. In preparation for this, four online workshops were organized in September-October 2020 by the University of Ioannina in Greece. In addition to the consortium members, the event was also attended by external partners and university students.

The first event focused on the role and tasks of higher education institutions. It started with a general presentation of the EnterMode model and a demonstration of how the DISCUSS Community of Practice works. An expert from the host university described the process of implementing the internship programs they organize, and the issues and problems that arose during each step. The measurement and evaluation methodologies used in the EnterMode model and the administrative elements of the program were presented by the consortium leader Košice Technical University, and finally, the day ended with an informal discussion of these topics.

The second day focused on the role of companies hosting interns. These included the role and responsibilities of the mentor, the concept and significance of incubation, and the EntreComp entrepreneurial competency framework. At the end of the workshop, some partner companies presented examples of challenges to be solved by the interns participating in the pilot program.

In the third workshop, the developers presented the serious game developed as part of the project. Students from partner universities had the opportunity to test the game. After that, they completed an evaluation questionnaire about their experiences, and they were asked to provide additional feedback.

During the last time, the project partners discussed experiences, feedback, and the possibilities of higher education institutions to help the work of mentors in partner companies. Finally, the virtual internship program developed in response to the challenges of the epidemic was presented, which allows the advantages of the EnterMode model to be exploited without a personal presence.

The useful knowledge gained in the workshops was later summarized in a webinar for mentors of companies hosting students from Semmelweis University, thus ensuring a smooth start of the internship programs.