JAseHN – Joint Action to support the eHealth Network

 3. Health Programme
(2014-2020) JOINT ACTION

01/04/2015 – 30/03/2018

About the project

In the field of health policy, it is a general intention of the EU members to utilize eHealth approaches on a national as well as on EU level. In case of eHealth it is a fundamental requirement that the data generated within the borders of a country should be reachable over the borders too, in order to support effective healing and well-functioning healthcare.
Additionally, there is a great emphasize (in the EU) on mapping, harmonizing and systematizing the organizational, technical, legal and semantical aspects of the opportunities in the field of eHealth.
As the results of the efforts: in 2011 (based on the 2011/24/EU directive) an eHealth Network – EHN was realized. The JaseHn project as one of the main body of EHN assigns political recommendations and prepares collaboration tools in the following 4 priority areas:

  • interoperability and standardization
  • monitoring and executing evaluation
  • knowledge transfer
  • global collaboration and positioning

Role of HSMTC: Consortium member

For further information please go to the project’s website:

HSMTC contact

Name: Adrienn Tálosi (project assistant)
Phone: +36 20 666 3846
E-mail: talosi.adrienn@emk.sote.hu