20 years ago a couple of young people dared to dream. Their vision was to initiate and establish an MBA type leader training institute on the eastern part of the freshly collapsed “Iron Curtain”- merging comprehensive health policy expertise with so for locked management and economic knowledge. The breakthrough came with gaining support from the World Bank: the inventors travelled and studied around the world and with the experience and knowledge embraced it was possible to initiate a unique training centre.

In our centre teaching is interpreted as the knowledge transfer of equal partners, practical teaching with case studies are in the focus as well as a new type of tutorial system was introduced. From the so far 20 graduated classes and hundreds of graduated students many become leading doctors, cabinet chiefs, ministers of health or leaders of professional organizations who are keen to implement the newly gained aspects and perspectives into healthcare.

More information:
Csilla Sipos – MSc Program-coordinator
Email: sipos.csilla@emk.semmelweis.hu