Summer School 2020

EIT Health

01/01/2020 – 31/12/2020

About the project

The L-ead Summer School is a 2-week programme held in Barcelona and Budapest, which is organized for the second consecutive year in 2020. Our partners in the Consortium are IESE Business School Barcelona and E-Group. The programme is supported by the EIT Health CAMPUS initiative. It aims to generate awareness raising and knowledge sharing about changes of healthcare systems in the digital age. It facilitates to utilize currently available technical innovations and solutions, and empowers digital capability by internalization of digital skills while considering care optimization and patient pathway management.

Graduated students are able to understand the functioning of health systems, the context and rationale of health workforce development, and identify major challenges and innovative solutions and the impact of digital transformation in healthcare and its workforce. In addition – by discussing the applicability of different concepts, strategies, and innovative tools of digital transformation – the Summer School has an indirect effect of mobilizing people and resources for digital transformation in healthcare institutions, while developing cultural sensitivity towards digital health capability.

In order to reach learners’ engagement we perform an interactive and immersive Summer School with innovative methods and ways of learning. We empower students to think innovatively, make them consider new strategies of health system planning, and provide mentors during the course, who assist their efforts and give feedback about their performance and results achieved.

Besides the traditional teaching methods, the programme allows problem-based interactive learning, presents case studies and applies teamwork to find and validate new transversal and specific skills to be successfully implemented in the health sector and to upskill the workforce fitting the state of maturity of digitalization. Students obtain knowledge about specific topics relating e-health workforce development along with a health system domain and e-health and ICT domain (e.g. labour market dynamics, big data, strengthening health systems, developing sustainable health workforce, technology-driven initiatives and opportunities, digital healthcare ecosystem, telemedicine and e-health solutions to support sustainable and effective care). A visit to a telemedicine clinic in Barcelona ensures to understand the functioning of an innovative provider, and a site visit in Budapest (application of AI in pathology) highlights the potential digital solutions.

Main topics of the L-ead programme:

  • Health workforce intelligence
  • Evidence based policy and change management
  • Optimizing care with the support of big data
  • Digital Health Solutions – Patient pathway management
  • Digital literacy and skills for health professionals and empowered patients
  • Patient interactions – Consumer health
  • Financing of digital solutions
  • Innovation and entrepreneurial skills for digital health
  • Digital health challenge competition (Hackathon-type)


Consortium leader: Semmelweis University Health Services Management Training Centre

Consortium members:

  • IESE Business School, Barcelona
  • E Group

HSMTC contact

Name: Eszter Kovács (senior lecturer) 
Phone: +36 1 488 7613