Building Trust in Roma and Internally Displaced Persons (IPD) Communities for Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) Prevention: Developing and Testing an Integrated Social Healthcare Development Methodology for Vulnerable Groups in Central and Eastern Europe

Kick-off event 25-26 March 2024, Budapest

ShowUp4Health team believes that communities that synergize medical and social interventions can use this as a tool to build trust and facilitate higher levels of health literacy in vulnerable groups like the Roma. Cross-sectoral partnerships of stakeholders in support of vulnerable communities can also bring expertise, cooperation and resources to address complex NCD strands.


The Specific Objectives of ShowUp4Health are the following:

Decrease health inequalities in vulnerable groups (i.e., Roma communities) focusing on the combination of social and environmental health determinants through the targeting of the entire patient pathway in NCD prevention.

Bridge the fields of social work and healthcare within a single Integrated Social-Healthcare Methodology to establish trust, facilitate health literacy, and build adherence to health protocols within vulnerable groups.

Understand the adaptability of the Integrated Social-Healthcare Methodology in reducing health inequalities within other vulnerable groups in Europe.


ShowUp4Health kick-off meeting will be on the 25-26 March 2024 in Budapest.

This kick-off event serves as an opportunity for the ShowUp4Health members to be introduced to the project team and define their roles, discuss about the project in detail and gain a comprehensive understanding of the overall goals, deliverables and timeline.

This meeting with the representation of DG SANTE and HaDEA marks the exciting beginning of our collaborative effort to achieve our objectives.

For more information about ShowUp4Health and its activities, please contact:
Endre Pásztor,