A grand Hollywood mood welcomed Hungarian and foreign first-year students at the 49th annual Freshman Ball. Decorations relating to famous artists and film stars, as well as fabulous shows awaited students in the Nagyvárad tér Theoretical Building. The event was a full-house, with around 2,000 students in attendance.

After the traditional opening dancing of the Palotás took place, Dr Ferenc Bánhidy, Vice-Rector for General Affairs, shared his student experiences with the freshmen at the beginning of his greeting speech, and then, more seriously speaking, he called the first-years’ attention to the fact that regardless of which faculty they were accepted to, there would be difficulties awaiting them, but also miracles. It is certain that one of the most formative periods of their lives has begun, he said. He added that the framework of university life is defined by the two endpoints: the beginning with admission, the end with the granting of the diploma, and between the two an enormous amount knowledge and life-shaping experiences can be obtained. He suggested that in the four or six years ahead, students should take advantage of working closely with instructors, and try to make the most out of the information they learn from them throughout their life. Finally, he said: be proud of being at Semmelweis University.

The speech was followed by the dances performed by first-year students, the presentation of the Freshman Week official after-movie, a performance by the organizing committee, followed by the traditional closing dance of the Waltz to bring the official part of the ball to an end. After a champagne toast, the first-years could then choose between two stage programmes. On the first stage, Irie Maffia and The Bluebay Foxes played, and on the second stage a collection of different DJs took care of the fun.

Sarolta Purebl, the main event organizer, said that the selection of this year’s theme emphasized the importance of everyone to finding their own individual path in the world, and films provide a very good opportunity to do this. The Freshman Ball is one of the most elegant student events, so it was not that hard to integrate famous film scenes from Hollywood – she added. The organization of the ball started a year ago by reserving the site, and continued in April this year with the invitation of the performers. In the summer, each organizing group received their assignments. Decorating according to the theme is a very important tool for creating the proper mood, and is done specially by a specialized organizing group year after year. The faculties of the university appeared on movie billboards this year, and the participants saw their own faculties like “ShrEKK” or “Jurassic PAK” in various film advertisements. About 300 volunteers were needed to organize the event. Sarolta Purebl said:  that the Freshman ball can be organized purely out of the enthusiasm of the volunteers from year to year just goes to show how much power potential and love lie in the cooperation between the faculties.



Zenina Sági
Photo: Semmelweis University – Attila Kovács
Translation: Faye Gillespie