Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 04 March 2021
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10820 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated

Opening Ceremony

Location: Nagyvárad tér Theoretical Building, Budapest Nagyvárad tér 4.

Date: 2020.09.05.

Dear Semmelweis Students,

The Opening Ceremony of Semmelweis University will be held in the form of several separate events on the campus.

The opening ceremony will be a closed event, which means that only our first-year students can attend it. Family and friends will have the opportunity to follow the ceremony live on YouTube. Therefore, students are required to arrive at the venue alone, and we kindly ask family members not to wait in front of the building, thus complying with security measures.

In order for the ceremony to run smoothly, please note the followings:

  • The vows made at the opening of the school year are part of the curriculum, so it is mandatory for all first-year students to attend the ceremony
  • If you are still not able to attend, please contact the English or German Secretariat of the Directorate of International Studies
  • To register, first-year students will need their photo IDs

The following security regulations are mandatory for all participants:

  • entrance is only possible for students who have passed the triage and have a negative PCR test, so please bring the result of the study provided by the University
  • wearing a face mask is mandatory during the entire ceremony (a mask is provided at the registration desk)

For more information please contact the Directorate of International Studies:

Division of English Language Programmes:
Division of German Language Programmes:

We wish you much success in your studies!


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