A new Department of Defense, Disaster Management and Law Enforcement Medicine has been established, and the conditions for awarding the title of Honorary Senator have been revised.

At the January Senate meeting, the board voted to amend the provisions of the Organizational and Operational Rules concerning the honorary title of Senator Honoris Causa. The title can be awarded to persons who have demonstrated outstanding activity in the interests of Semmelweis University over a long period of time and have contributed to the development of the institution. However, the criteria for the award of the title have not yet been sufficiently elaborated. Pursuant to the amendment, the title of Senator Honoris Causa may be conferred on a person with a significant academic record. The Honorary Senators are also entitled to participate and debate in open meetings of the Senate. The title of Senator Honoris Causa confers on the holder an advisory role, based on their long-standing university experience and wide network of contacts, with the expectation to nurture and develop the university’s international relations in the future. The laureate will receive an ornamented certificate of distinction at the Senate meeting. Following the amendment detailed above, the conferment of the title of Honorary Senator was also decided upon.

The establishment of the Department of Defense, Disaster Management and Law Enforcement Medicine was approved, which operates under the direct supervision of the Rector as of February 1, 2024. The Defense, Disaster Management and Law Enforcement Departmental Group had operated within the Department of Intensive Therapy (ITK) since 2014. Evolving into an independent department is mainly justified by the complexity and multidisciplinarity of the unit’s work, its strategic cooperation with related partner institutions, the sensitivity of the subject and its relevance to national security.

The Board decided to amend certain accounting regulations, mainly for regulatory and practical reasons, furthermore, the Faculty of Health Sciences (ETK) was put on the list of organizational units entitled to hold petty cash.

The introduction of the elective course ‘Semmelweis University Choir’ was approved, with two course credits awarded to university student members of the Semmelweis University Choir.

The Senate decided on awarding ‘Good Student – Good Athlete’ prizes.

The curriculum of the Faculty of Dentistry has been amended to rectify administrative errors.

Ádám Szabó
Translation: Judit Szabados-Dőtsch
Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University