In our series of short films, pioneering researchers, doctors, exceptionally talented young professionals and famous artists talk about their experiences at Semmelweis University and their impressions about the oldest medical school in Hungary.

The main character of the latest short film is Dr. Balázs Gulyás, President of the HUN-REN Hungarian Research Network, an alumnus of Semmelweis University, who has been awarded the Semmelweis Budapest Award, the university’s most prestigious international scientific recognition.

“Semmelweis University had a great influence on how I became a doctor and a researcher,” he says. The institution provided the right balance of theoretical knowledge, which is highly useful in the life of a scientist, and practical clinical knowledge, information and skills, which are very helpful not only in clinical practice but also in practical research. He talks about how Semmelweis is an influential part of his life and that of his family, and that it means a lot to him to have received that prestigious award from his alma mater.

Never give up! Try to focus on the main goal, and keep going on the path that you have chosen.

– Dr. Balázs Gulyás advises prospective researchers, highlighting the three most important qualities for them: the search for novelty, the quest for challenge and the tolerance for failure. “When you fail in life, always experience it as a lesson and learn from it, so that you can move on to the next level,” he says.

Péter Pogrányi
Translation: Viktória Kiss