Thanks to the opportunities offered by EUniWell (the European University for Well-Being), Semmelweis students, researchers, teachers and administrative colleagues can now collaborate with nine European universities.

The main objective of EUniWell is to provide opportunities to build international cooperation, professional collaborations and knowledge exchanges between partner universities. In addition to Semmelweis University, the European University for Well-Being now includes the universities of Birmingham, Cologne, Florence, Konstanz, Linnaeus, Murcia, Nantes, Santiago de Compostela and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

EUniWell aims to encourage innovative initiatives and cooperation between partner universities that contribute to the promotion of educational, research, student initiatives and social well-being. To this end, the partner universities have set up dedicated funds and support programmes, for which applications are now open again.

EUniWell has launched new calls for its Well-Being Research Incubator and Seed Funding programmes, promoting collaborations aimed at fostering well-being, and bringing together students, researchers, teachers and administrators from across the Alliance.

The EUniWell Seed Funding Programmes support projects initiated by researchers, students, teachers and administrative staff from the member universities, which align with EUniWell’s core mission: to promote well-being across its various dimensions within universities as well as societies and the wider environment. The available grants are up to €10,000 or up to €25,000 per project. The current application is 9 April 2023.

EUniWell will also launch its next call for online research workshops via the Well-Being Research Incubator Programme. Researchers will be invited to put forward proposals to run collaborative workshops on topics relating to EUniWell research areas: 1, Well-being and health, 2, Individual and social well-being, 3, Environment, urbanity and well-being, 4, Teacher education. The grants are up to €10,000 or up to €25,000 per project and the application period is between 5 April and 26 May 2023. The aim of the initiative is to build professional cooperation and hold a professional workshop in cooperation with at least 3 partner universities.

The EUniWell Summer School on Health Inequalities will be held at the University of Birmingham from 26-30 June 2023, will bring together students, early-career researchers, health and social care professionals as well as policy makers from across our EUniWell universities. Starting with the basics of how we define health inequalities and the landmark studies on this topic, over the course of the week participants will look deeper into the different types of inequalities and their impact on specific population groups, as well as policies and approaches to address them. Save the date and get ready to apply when registration goes live!

As another great initiative, the University of Birmingham has launched a new short-term EUniWell Visiting Fellowship Scheme to support early career and post-doctoral researchers to share knowledge, create connections and collaborate with academic colleagues on well-being related themes. Early career and post-doctoral researchers from EUniWell founding partners are invited to spend up to three months at the University of Birmingham. Applicants will need to show how their research project relates to one of EUniWell’s four research arenas such as 1, Well-being and health, 2, Individual and social well-being, 3, Environment, urbanity and well-being, 4, Teacher education. The funding available will cover up to £500 travel costs and £1,500 per month to support living expenses. The application deadline is 15 April 2023.

For more information, you can contact the members of the EUniWell team.

Eszter Turopoli (Directorate of International Relations)
Photo: EUniWell