A new online community platform has been launched with over 5,000 members selected from the Semmelweis Alumni Network. The aim is to bring the community closer and also to share programs, career opportunities and social awareness. After the test launch, the entire Semmelweis alumni community, tens of thousands of people from over 70 countries around the world, will be able to use the platform.

The new site allows graduates and former classmates, as well as those who share research and interests – for example, members of the same class or faculty – to find each other. Registered users can keep track of the activities of the Alumni Directorate, Semmelweis University’s programs and events, and even create their own gatherings, events and community groups. The new online platform will also allow registered alumni to create their own interactive forums and use basic community features such as messaging, posting, and commenting to facilitate communication between them.


Using the career module, one can view job advertisements posted by the university’s hospitals and faculties, while the Semmelweis Alumni team is constantly working with other business partners to display job advertisements and offers from labour market players from around the world – so it is worth keeping an eye on the latest news.

Within the platform, it is possible to support the Semmelweis Foundation and collect donations in accordance with the educational and strategic goals of Semmelweis University and the foundation, such as sustainable environmental development and improving education.

Already registered members selected in the pilot program will receive an activation link to enter. Applications from other alumni and graduates who have not registered  yet are awaited at https://alumni.semmelweis.hu, to expand the platform user base.

Semmelweis Alumni Directorate