Problems with the muscles and joints around the head and neck are one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders. The main symptoms are pain in the masticatory muscles, restricted opening of the mouth, and/or a clicking/cracking sound of the jaw. But look no further, here is a short jaw exercise-video to ease your pain!  

Dr. Peter Schmidt, chief clinical physician at the Department of Prosthodontics at the Budapest Semmelweis University said: 

Healthy mouth movements are easily recognisable – when there are no restrictions in the opening of the mouth, and the jaw is moving in a straight line up and down. However, if the jaw moves at a different angle, for example in an „s” or „c” shape, or if there is not a 35-40 mm distance between the lower and upper incisors when the mouth is in an opened position – then it’s always worth consulting a doctor.


Experts at Semmelweis University put together a short sequence of exercises for those patients recommended jaw-exercise therapy. This can help to decrease or relieve the pain and correct or improve the unhealthy movements in the jaw.

Dr. Peter Schmidt warned that it’s always necessary to consult a doctor or physiotherapist first, and then start these exercises under expert supervision and only after their recommendation. 


Video: Tamara Bartincki, Bettina Gál, Dávid Kresalek, Dávid Réthly – Semmelweis University