Showtime, our special animated series produced on the occasion of the university’s 250th anniversary, has come to its last episode. These short videos present traditions and interesting information about Semmelweis University that may be useful for first-year students, and may also contain new information for those who have been long-time citizens of the university. In the last episode of the series, Ignác Semmelweis himself tells us how he became one of the best-known doctors in the world.

Our film reveals how he recognized the connection between bedside fever and a sanitizing handwash, as well as the struggle to make washing hands with chlorinated lime more widespread in the medical practice of the time, and the immediate and massive results this simple procedure achieved in reducing post-birth deaths. The university is proud to bear the name of Semmelweis, whose work can provide an example and inspiration to clinicians, researchers, as well as theoretical experts.

All of the series’s episodes can be viewed on Semmelweis University’s YouTube channel.