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As part of a government programme, the ‘A’ and “B’ buildings of the Department of Internal Medicine and Hematology have been fully modernised. The department is now equipped with a brand new ward room, an outpatient chemotherapy unit and new laboratories. Rector dr. Béla Merkely visited the reconstructed premises during an on-site inspection. The construction project was carried out as part of a government programme.

In July 2020 Semmelweis University undertook the project to substantially renovate the Department of Internal Medicine and Hematology. After 11 months of construction, renovations are finally complete. During the functional reconstruction of the building, the technical systems have been modernised, the premises of the department have been equipped with air conditioning. The eletrical system and the electronic IT system have been fully renewed. The Department has established a new access control system and a fire alarm system. The new bed head units and medical gas supply network are now ready to use. The renovated part of the building has been expanded with a new ward containing 41 new patient beds and an outpatient chemotherapy unit with 18 patient chairs. The brand new spacious and comfortable rooms provide better conditions for hematologic patient care and will take over the hematologic patient care service of the Oncological Department.

Building ‘B’ has been partially refurbished, all of the floors have been equipped with a fire alarm system and a medical gas supply network. The nurse call system has been modernised and expanded. Several parts of the building have been equipped with air conditioning. Diagnostic units have been rebuilt, bed head units and new bathrooms have been installed at the new ward rooms. In order to to provide better working conditions a crew rest area has been built along with treatment rooms. The reconstruction project of the building also serves research purposes: The department is now equipped with a new cell- and stem cell laboratory. The construction works have been carried out as part of a government programme in gross value of 2,2 billion HUF.

During his visit of the newly established premises, dr. Béla Merkely emphasized: The appointment of dr. Tamás Masszi was an important milestone in creating a profile for the university, which meets the necessary structural and functional conditions of a Semmelweis University hospital clinic.

We offer high quality patient care for each and every one of our large number of patients. Clinical knowledge and cell research serves the purpose of treating hematologic and oncologic patients. And finally, everything is in place for education.

– pointed out dr. Merkely and he added: In the long run this department may function as an important base of our three-fold mission of research, innovation and education. “Despite the pandemic situation the department was able to emerge and play a key role in the fight against coronavirus – added dr. Béla Merkely


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Dr. Tamás Masszi pointed out: the Department of Internal Medicine and Hematology was established by merging the 2nd and 3rd Department of Internal Medicine. One of the several positive aspects of this merging is that the they have become a part of the Inner Clinical Block.

We have made it to the ‘hub’ – it is good to be a part of the university’s supportive network of clinical and lab units.

– said dr. Masszi, adding: Although this is an old building, we managed to establish a modern, patient friendly area. “Patients having hematologic diseases usually require a longer hospitalization, that is why we need good quality wards. – added the director. According to dr. Masszi, the modernisation has been beneficial not only for the patients but also for researchers working here. Dr. Masszi also praised the hard work and dedication of the department’s professionals, who enabled a continuous patient care even during the period of reconstruction and the coronavirus epidemic.

Ádám Szabó
Photo: Valter Berecz
Translation: Norbert Lukács