Cardiac Electrophysiology
A new elective course shared for International and Hungarian students

The course is intended to provide up-to-date and extended knowledge based on the latest literature for practically all medical students, especially those planning to be cardiologists or internists in order to meet a predictable future requirement of a strongly established knowledge related to the electrophysiological background and ion channel dependent pathomechanisms of severe, often lethal heart diseases and to facilitate their better understanding of the corresponding scientific literature.


  • This 2-credit elective course is available at NEPTUN, open for the 2020 spring semester;
  • Code: AOVELT694_1M / AOVELT694_1M;
  • Language: English;
  • A total of 90 students can register for this program (30 English, 30 German and 30 Hungarian students);
  • the course is open for 2–4 year students.