Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 10 April 2021
137469 Total vaccines
13271 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated
The 4th Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN) scientific congress and prize awarding event was held in Budapest, with Semmelweis University as one of the co-hosts, where the theme was applied sciences. At the conference held in the Vigadó Palace, prize laureates and a number of top scientists appeared as speakers at the three-day event. USERN is an international scientific organization established in 2015, with the aim of promoting the building of networks between the top global scientists, and supporting young talents.

In the name of the co-host Semmelweis University, Dr. Gyula Péter Szigeti, head of the Directorate of Innovation, held the opening speech at the event, noting that the USERN conference enables the international exchange of ideas and the transfer of knowledge in the field of medical and health sciences. The event was organized as part of the university’s International Research Week, celebrating the 250th anniversary of the institution, and was held following the Semmelweis Symposium. Dr. Szigeti said the USERN Congress’s focus this year is on applied sciences, and he emphasized the importance of multidisciplinary approach and the elimination of age and level borders in science. “Semmelweis University has always been committed to the identification and training of young and talented people and we are more than happy to support any initiative that helps their development by building a bridge between the older and younger generation of scientists, encouraging discussion and the transfer of knowledge between them,” said the director.

Dr. Szigeti noted that research, development and innovation have always been at the heart of Semmelweis University, as it believes that this ensures the highest quality patient care and the best scientists and clinicians of the future. Apart from cardiovascular research, the university has gained international reputation among others in the fields of oncology, brain research, neurosciences, molecular and translational medicine, pharmaceutical research, bioimaging, biotechnology, and regenerative medicine, he pointed out. The director said that in order to reach its goal of moving up in international rankings, it is essential to be innovative and to continuously expand the university’s international network, for which the USERN congress provides a unique opportunity.

The goal of this year’s congress, which was hosted by Tehran University, the Avicenna International Academy and Semmelweis University, was the awarding of USERN prizes, the organization of a scientific mini-conference and workshop, and the talent support of sick children. The three-day conference – which was chaired by Dr. László Rosivall, a professor at the Department of Translational Medicine of Semmelweis University – featured 54 speakers from 10 countries.



USERN is an international scientific organization that was established in 2015, with the aim of promoting the building of networks between the top global scientists, and supporting young talents. The organization awards scientific prizes each year to young researchers from various countries that made notable achievements in the fields of natural and social sciences. Each year’s congress is held in a different country. The USERN event also included the 5th International Festival of Paintings for Pediatric Patients (IFPPP) gala and awards ceremony. The festival of paintings made by sick children this year saw more than 1000 submissions from five continents, of which 45 were displayed in the Vigadó Palace.

Tamás Deme
Photo: Zoltán Adrián