At the initiative of the Faculty of Dentistry (FOK), a delegation of the Chinese Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) visited Semmelweis University. The four-member delegation led by Dr. Jin Shengwei, Vice President of WMU, was welcomed by Dr. György Bagdy, Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Gábor Gerber, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Károly Bartha, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Sándor Farkasdi, PhD student at the Department of Oral Biology, as well as Dr. Judit Vadlövő and Marianna Kovács, Project coordinators at the Directorate of International Relations.

The Chinese delegation was comprised of Dr. Xian Shen, Vice President of the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of WMU, Dr. Jinsong Liu, Vice President of the School and Hospital of Stomatology of WMU, and Ms. Yiyi Lin, Program manager at the International Affairs Office. Prior to the meeting, in January, Dean Gábor Gerber and Dr. Gábor Varga, Director of the Department of Oral Biology, visited China by the invitation of Dean Jianfeng Ma. The two deans signed a faculty-level Memorandum of Understanding, which was now extended to the whole university during the visit of the Chinese delegation.

The relationship between the two universities was further strengthened by the fact that Dr. Sándor Farkasdi worked with Dr. Jinsong Liu at the Department of Oral Biology at ACTA (Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam) in the of summer 2015, where they studied hard tissue histomorphism. Subsequently, Dr. Sándor Farkasdi was invited to Wenzhou Medical University, where he conducted experiments with Dr. Jinsong Liu and his team for a week. Dr. Farkasdi initiated the establishment of a relationship between the two universities, thus preparing this year’s visit of the Hungarian delegation. The result of their first joint work, which serves as a professional basis for the cooperation between the two universities, will soon be published in the Applied Surface Science scientific journal under the title of “Sustained release of zoledronic acid from mesoporous TiO2 layered implant improves implant osseointegration in osteoporotic condition”.

After the mutual introduction of the delegations, Dr. Jin Shengwei, Vice President of WMU, and Dr. Jinsong Liu, Vice President of the School and Hospital of Stomatology of WMU introduced their institutions and they were followed by Dr. Judit Vadlövő’s presentation on Semmelweis University. After the lectures, Dr. György Bagdy, Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs introduced the university’s Chinese relations with special attention to the most important events of the last 10 years. He highlighted two connections that were actualised in 2016: Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medical University and Northern Jiangsu Hospital. Moreover, the agreement between the Chinese Hospital Association and the Central-East European Hospital Association must be pointed out, of which Semmelweis University is a member and Dr. Béla Merkely, clinical Vice-Rector, is the co-chair.

During the meeting, the leader of the Chinese delegation, Dr. Jin Shengwei invited the leaders of Semmelweis University to China and said that they would mainly be interested in short-term student- and teacher-exchange, they also showed great interest in the mutual research possibilities and in the actualisation of mutual trainings. Dr. Gábor Gerber, Dean, emphasised that the cooperation between the two universities is promising because its base is the strong professional connection which will be confirmed by the common research to be published soon. The parties highlighted the next level of cooperation could be the PhD and short-term training. However, more time, negotiations and accreditation are necessary to form the joint training.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. György Bagdy, Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs, and Dr. Jin Shengwei Vice President signed the Memorandum of Understanding between Semmelweis University and Wenzhou Medical University.

Zsófia Haszon (source: Dr. Judit Vadlövő)
Fotó: Kovács Attila – Semmelweis World
Translation: Diána Módos, Edina Szendreiné Nagy