Seksenbayev Bakhytzhan Deribsaliyevich, rector of the South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy, paid a visit at Semmelweis University with the purpose of broadening the institution’s network of Hungarian medical and pharmaceutical universities. The Kazakh institution seeks to launch mutual research activities and projects with Hungarian partners, including student exchange programmes and collaborations with Hungarian pharmaceutical institutions and companies.
kazah látogatás2The head of the Academy was received by Dr. Ágoston Szél, Rector and Dr. Romána Zelkó, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Seksenbayev Bakhytzhan Deribsaliyevich said that the development of the pharmaceutical industry and education were among the priorities of Kazakhstan. In his presentation of the institution he gave a glimpse of its structure where the different level programmes provide education for 3500 students. A wide range of graduate, post-graduate and residency programmes are available as well as an extensive research programme involving 500 researchers working in the fields of pharmacogenetics and phytotherapy.
Dr. Ágoston Szél found the initiative a good opportunity, therefore recommended that the two institutions start an exchange of information regarding research development and cooperation in the field of post-gradual studies. He also suggested another meeting focusing more on the precise identification of the areas of mutual interest, which could also be followed by the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding.

Pálma Dobozi

Translated by: Ágnes Raubinek