Professor Jeremy K. Nicholson is the first recipient of the Semmelweis Budapest Award.

Semmelweis University’s highest honour, the award was presented to Dr. Nicholson by Rector Tivadar Tulassay at a November 4 ceremony held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Semmelweis Budapest Award

Established in 2009 by the University’s Senate, the Semmelweis Budapest Award recognises the achievements of an international researcher working in the field of medical biology, whose research activities have produced internationally-acknowledged results, and whose work contributes significantly towards our understanding of living natural science, and the benefit of humankind.

In addition to his groundbreaking work in metabonomics, which has contributed significantly to the development of new diagnostic methods, Dr. Nicholson’s research has been published extensively in some of the most prominent scientific journals around the world. He currently serves as Chair in Biological Chemistry at Imperial College London’s Department of Surgery and Cancer.

The Semmelweis Budapest Award, which includes a €10,000 prize, will be given out to one worthy recipient each year.

(Translated by Gina Gönczi)