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Career statistics: Semmelweis graduates almost immediately find employment

Nearly two thirds of the students of Semmelweis University find employment immediately after graduation or within a month and the knowledge gained at the university is up-to-date and practical. A survey carried out on the usability of the degrees revealed that every fifth student speaks two languages and 10 percent studied abroad during their university years. Dr. Péter Hermann, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs considers the results and the feedback of the survey optimal.

The nation-wide survey involved former, current, Hungarian and foreign students who were asked about their intentions on continuing education, their knowledge of languages, scholarships abroad, job search and employment experiences. Over 1,500 people participated in the survey at Semmelweis University in the organisation of the Alumni Directorate.

The answers of current students revealed that 75.5 percent would like to continue their studies after graduation depending on the Faculty’s study programmes and 62.6 percent would like to pursue further studies at the university. A quarter of the students would like to enrol in a Master’s programme and 44.1 percent of them would do so at the Faculty of Health Sciences. Almost a third of the students would like to participate in a PhD programme (32.3 percent), most of them at Semmelweis University’s Doctoral School. 60 percent studying at the Faculty of Medicine would like to start resident training, out of which 80 percent would like to remain within the facilities of the university, however, the number of such students is much higher at the Faculty of Dentistry, where 72 percent want resident training at Semmelweis University.

“The fact that so many students would like to stay connected to the university after graduation is a positive feedback. Despite the fact that the degree earned at the Faculty of Dentistry allows graduates to practice dentistry independently, they are motivated to seek further education.”, Dr. Péter Hermann said.

According to the survey nearly one fifth of the students (18.7 percent) speak two languages at a higher level. 63 percent at the Faculty of Medicine speak one language and 24 percent speak two languages. The figures are similar at the Faculty of Pharmacy, however there are more students speaking two languages (30.8 percent).

In case of students who graduated one, three and five years ago more than 10 percent (11.6 percent) studied abroad 5-6 months during their university years. The most students were from the Faculty of Medicine (36.3 percent) and the students of the Faculty of Health Sciences spent the longest time (10 months on average) abroad with the help of international scholarships.

Nearly two thirds of the fresh graduates (61 percent) of Semmelweis University found employment within a month. The most numerous students to immediately find employment are from the Faculty of Pharmacy, where 72 percent start working right after graduation. The others find a job typically in 3-4 months because they are more committed to a specific place or hand in their application to an institution where the application process takes longer.

Former students evaluated the usability of the knowledge gained at the university in their job positions and 75 percent of them considered it mostly useful. 80 percent of former dentistry students said that they were very satisfied with the education they received at the university.

The survey reached out to foreign students as well. 80 percent of them believe that the degree provided by Semmelweis University will enable them to find outstanding employment. Most of them (76.5 percent) however plan to start searching for a job outside Hungary.

“It is not surprising that the degree issued by Semmelweis University is competitive in Hungary and enables the students to find employment quickly. On the other hand, the feedback from foreign students confirmed its high market value on an international level as well.”, said Dr. Péter Hermann.

Pálma Dobozi
Photo: Attila Kovács, Semmelweis University
Translation: Ágnes Raubinek

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