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Semmelweis University is listed in the Taiwanese ranking list of the best higher education institutions worldwide prepared by NTU

Out of Hungarian universities it is only Semmelweis University that is listed in the Taiwanese ranking list of the best higher education institutions worldwide in the field of clinical medicine. Semmelweis University is among the world’s best 300 universities according to the ranking of subjects related to publications made in pharmacology and toxicology.

The National Taiwan University Ranking (NTU) ranks higher education programmes that achieved the world’s best scientific results on the basis of fields of study. Each ranking by field shows the 300 best qualified universities, Semmelweis University is ranked as the 278th. The list which compares the programmes in pharmacology to programmes in toxicology ranks our institution on the 186th position. This indicates that as opposed to last year, the ranking results in both categories have been improved. Last year’s ranking results were the 289th and 192nd.

The Taiwanese ranking is created by evaluating the university’s performance on the basis of the examination of relevant scientific publications. Apart from this the researchers’ impact factor data is also taken into account, thus the ranking describes the level of the research that contributes to the quality of the academic programmes.

Two other Hungarian universities are also listed in this ranking: the mechanical engineering programme of Budapest University of Technology and Economics in the subject of engineering has been ranked as the 258th, and the physics programme of Eötvös Loránd University in the subject of physics has been ranked as the 268th. The following universities are in the first three places of the list published by NTU: Harvard, Stanford and Johns Hopkins.

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Translated by: Katalin Romhányi

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