In order to screen patients that show symptoms of, or have been infected by, COVID-19, a new, independently operated, multi-step, lock system of entry has been implemented at the departments of the Faculty of Dentistry. Under the new system in effect as of March 23, 2020, patients will be encounter checkpoints at the entrances of all three buildings, where after having their information recorded and temperature measured, they will be assessed to determine if their case is urgent or can be postponed.

The departments of the Faculty of Dentistry (FOK) are located in three separate buildings, one street away from each other and the university’s Inner Clinical Center. The three buildings in question are: the departments located in the Dental Training Center of FOK (Budapest, Szentkirályi u. 47, 1088), the Department of Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery and Stomatology (Budapest, Mária u. 52, 1085), and the Department of Community Dentistry (Budapest, Szentkirályi u. 40, 1088).

Under the new entry system in effect as of March 23, patients can arrive at the usual entrances of the buildings, but they will be met by checkpoints. After providing their information, they will receive a checklist provided by the Hospital Hygiene Department of Semmelweis University, and following the assessment of this checklist their temperature will be measured using a contactless thermometer.

If during the course of questioning the patient it turns out that their visit is non-urgent and can be postponed, then – in line with the ministerial decree issued on March 14 – they should return to the clinic after the state of emergency is over. If their case is non-urgent but they are deemed a “COVID suspect case,” a swabbing sample will be taken from them in the septic room, and they must wait for the results in a separate room.

In every case where there is doubt as to whether the patient’s complaints require urgent or non-urgent dental or oral surgery care, the patient will be examined by a professional in order to make a well-founded decision.

In emergency cases, surgical interventions will be performed at the departments even on patients that are suspected of having the coronavirus; this will take place in a septic room designated and equipped specially for this purpose, in protective gear and using single-use tools.

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Translation: Tamás Deme
Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University