The organizing committee set up to coordinate the 250th anniversary year of the establishment of Semmelweis University, led by vice-rector for strategy and development Dr. Balázs Hankó, has commissioned two separate logos to be made for the occasion, with the participation of the Directorate of Communications and Event Management. Based on a decision by rector Dr. Béla Merkely, one of the designs made is a ceremonial, traditional-style anniversary crest, while the other is a more modern logo with a clear, simple design. The Hungarian and English-language anniversary stationery and envelopes have also been completed.

In preparing both versions of the logo, it was an important consideration to create a look that is imposing and elegant in style, worthy of the sestercentennial celebration, to include national and Christian symbols – which are also visible in the university’s crest –, as well as to visually portray Semmelweis University’s slogan “Tradition and innovation.” The logos are available in both color and monochrome form.

The colors of the Semmelweis 250 year – pursuant to a decision by the rector – are blue and gold, and accordingly, the anniversary version of the coat of arms was designed to build on the university’s current crest: the traditional university coat of arms emerges from a gold shield, which is wreathed by an oak and an olive branch. The anniversary coat of arms will be used on ceremonial stationery, envelopes and invitations, and will also be visible in the header of the university’s websites.

The “Semmelweis 250” logo, which will be used primarily on gifts and leaflets, as well as on materials aimed at students, received a more modern design, but the university’s blue color as well as the ceremonial shade of gold will also be visible on it, together with the national tricolor red-white-green, thus symbolizing together the joint presence of tradition and innovation at the 250-year-old Semmelweis University. The logo is available in both Hungarian and English versions.

Similar to the traditional university crest, the use of the anniversary version and the 250 logo is authorized by the university’s rector for individual organizational units. Following the authorization by the rector, the logos are sent electronically to the requesting unit by the Directorate of Communications and Event Management (KRI). More information is available on the KRI website (in Hungarian, click here) on the rules for using the crest, and the request form for using the crest can also been downloaded here.

The stationery and envelopes for the anniversary year are now also available; until the 2019/20 academic year starts, these can only be requested and used by organizers of the programs and events related to the 250th anniversary celebrations. The applications should be sent to the email address, with the indication of the program that is to be organized.

As part of the unified design of the anniversary year, digital materials, such as video titles and graphics elements for websites and social media pages are also being prepared, while the designing of roll-ups and ceremonial diplomas, as well as slide templates to be used in education or the presentation of scientific achievements, is also underway.

Eszter Keresztes
Translation: Tamás Deme