The Embassy of Hungary in Baku, together with Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU), organized a lecture and exhibition to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Ignác Semmelweis in Baku. More than 150 participants attended the event, including university lecturers and students.

At the event Elchin Agajev, Professor of General Surgery and head of AMU’s Department of General Surgery and Anesthesiology gave a lecture and a historical review of sepsis in the 19th century, and Dr. Marcel Pop, head of the Directorate of International Relations presented the life of Ignác Semmelweis. A 10-piece, English-language banner exhibition on Semmelweis was also introduced, which will be on display at the University’s various faculties in 5-day rotations.

After the presentation Professor Hadiyev Ismayli, Head of the University Clinic, Elchin Agajev, Professor of General Surgery, Dr. Nadir Zeynalov, Vice Rector for International Relations, and Dr.Marcel Pop reviewed the possibilities for cooperation. Rector of AMU, Garay Chingiz Garaybayli, said their aim was to strengthen international relations and continue their contact with Semmelweis University. Dr. Marcel Pop mentioned that about 30 percent of Semmelweis University students are international, and 300 researchers of nearly 100 research groups are constantly achieving internationally recognised, significant results. He announced that the university will be celebrating its 250th anniversary next year, meaning there will be a number of conferences and other events happening in Budapest, which AMU representatives are expected to attend as well. He added that it would be worthwhile to deepen collaboration in the fields of short-term cooperative projects (e.g. Erasmus+ applications) and joint research activities. 

Source and Photo: Embassy of Hungary in Baku
Translation: Faye Gillespie