Dr László Hunyady, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, member of Academia Europeae, Director of the Department of Physiology, university professor was given the Széchenyi Prize for his outstanding research, teaching and managerial work.

Dr György Lang, Director of the National Institute of Oncology Thoracic Surgery Department of Semmelweis University, university professor was awarded the Middle Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit for his distinguished work and teaching activity.

The prizes were granted by János Áder, President of Hungary, together with Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary and László Kövér, Speaker of the National Assembly, in the Dome of Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary.

In the Pesti Vigadó Dr Zoltán Ónodi-Szűcs, State Secretary for Health awarded the Batthyány-Strattmann László Award to Dr Zoltán Szabolcs, professor of Heart and Vascular Centre and Dr Péter Sándor, retired university professor of Semmelweis University, for their outstanding professional activity.

Dr Mária Hoyer, associate professor of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Dr Éva Szombathelyi, clinical psychologist of the Department of Neurology were given the Pro Sanitate Award for their remarkable professional work.

The Department of Nursing of the Faculty of Health Sciences received the Minister’s Certificate of Merit.

On behalf of János Áder, President of Hungary, Zoltán Balog, Minister of Human Capacities, granted the Officer’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit to Dr László Gábor Hársing, scientific advisor of the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, doctor of medicine, to Dr Péter Kempler, professor of the 1st Department of Internal Medicine, President of Diabetological Licence Gremium, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, President of the Hungarian Diabetes Association and to Dr Miklós Szabó, associate professor, Head of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the 1st Department of Paediatrics for their outstanding work. The Knight’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit was awarded to Dr Tamás Sándor, volunteer at the 2nd Department of Surgery, private professor for his distinguished professional activity.

Eszter Keresztes, Tímea Kele
Source: MTI, EMMI
Photo: kormany.hu
Translation: Edina Szendreiné Nagy, Diána Módos