Children’s health (Teddy Bear Hospital)

The Teddy Bear Hospital program works very successfully among the Hungarian students so we thought it would be great to involve the English students as well.

General information: This program involves children from the age of three, so we work with the youngest generation. We organize programs mainly in kindergartens but also in primary schools or family days. We have some special teddy bears which have organs inside and some other plastic toys and medical bags.

The aim of the program: Visiting doctors or hospitals can be frightening for the children and early experiences can define their later attitude or cooperation as well. That’s why our group of medical students help them to overcome their fears and anxieties connected to the medical environment. Our goal is to show them that medicine can be fun too. It is very easy. Playing and talking with them helps to bring the medical world a little bit closer to them. We also teach them on their own level. Conversations about their experiences about doctors, vaccination, maybe hospitals or surgery are always interesting. Mostly they are very excited to share these stories with us. We use our teddy bears to teach them about human body according to their age. They always enjoy if we help them to cure their own teddy bears too.

Practical information: We’ve already had the first English Teddy Bear Hospital in October after which we got a lot of positive feedback from the students and the kindergarten as well. The next is going to be on the 29th of November and we still need a few member to join. If you’re interested in please join the Facebook group: Teddy Bear Budapest where you can check the new opportunities and further information.

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