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Make a change, go for Exchange!

Win a 4 weeks long research exchange spot to Brasilia (DENEM), Turkey or South Korea!

How to apply
  1. Read the Exchange Terms and Conditions of BOE
  2. Read carefully the IFMSA Exchange Conditions http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/score/explore/exchange-conditions
    Browse research projects in the Data Base
    Please, note the special requirements!

  3. Send the followings to nore@humsirc.hu
    – Passport Copy (or ID copy)
    – Motivation Letter, CV
    – Proof of Enrollment
    – Language Certificate
    – Proof of HuMSIRC membership in your University

  4. Write a motivation letter
    – addressed to the professor / head of the research group
    – introducing yourself formally
    – your medical education (how many years studied and which courses completed)
    – your special interest and experience to the field of research and associated fields, any skills you have related to the study
    – what you would like to learn and achieve during your exchange

The exchange students will be chosen based on the Motivation letter.

Deadline: 14.02.2019.
Good luck!

If you have any question, feel free to contact the LORE (lore_budapest@humsirc.hu)

Tatár Blanka
Tudományos cseregyakorlati felelős 2018/19
Budapesti Orvostanhallgatók Egyesülete

Local Officer on Research Exchange
HuMSIRC, LC Budapest