Dear EMSAi,

On the 8th of March we mark the International Women’s Day. This is the perfect time to show your support to accelerate gender parity, to join the fight to end gender stereotypes and to advocate for affordable and equitable access to health care and health education for all women around the world.  

Collective action and shared responsibility for supporting gender equality is what makes International Women’s Day successful. Having said that, the Ethics and Human Rights Pillar and Public Health Pillar invite you to join our International Women’s Day Campaign.

How can you get involved?

You can get involved by taking a picture holding the selfie cards with powerful messages and by sharing it in social media with the hashtags #PressForProgress #IWD #EMSA #yourFMO. You can find the selfie cards attached to this email or here:

Who can participate?
Every EMSA member who considers him/herself as women’s rights advocate,  who supports women’s equal access to health care and health education, is eager to stop the violence against women and wants to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide.
What else can you do for this special day?
Taking part in the International Women’s Day can be exciting! Be creative and organize an activity at your university or community​. Raise awareness on the inequalities women face in their everyday life and promote women’s health education as key factor in the over-all health of the society. You can also organize an informative and screening activity to promote healthy living and affordable access to health care for women.

‘ We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change’ – Sheryl Sandberg