On 14 February 2018, WHO/Europe Migration and Health Programme will host the fourth in a series of webinars dedicated to addressing the timely and relevant topic of refugee and migrant health and well-being. It is my pleasure to invite you to this upcoming webinar which will discuss the management and prevention of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) among refugees and migrants.

With increasing population movement to Europe, and the changing burden of disease globally, the prevalence of NCDs among migrants and refugees presents a critical public health challenge for the region. Reduction in morbidity and premature mortality from NCDs such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases among migrant populations is the main focus of this webinar.

Webinar details:

DateWednesday 14 February 2018

The webinar can be viewed via the following link:

Please find attached the webinar poster with more information on the event. The webinar is open to everyone!