Dear Students,

On behalf of RECOOP HST my pleasure to announce the 3rd International Student Conference held in Wroclaw April 2, 2020 in Novotel Wroclaw Centrum Hotel,  as a preconference of the annual RECOPP Bridges in Life Science Conference. The aim of the student conference is to provide a platform for talented student researchers from RECOOP Member Organizations to present and share their scientific results fitting to the research scope and activity of RECOOP HST. These research categories are the followings:

Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)

Clinical Research: Oncology, Infections, Immunology, Quality of Life etc. (CLR)

Drug Development and Effects (DDE)

Medical Imaging (MI)

Neurodegenerative Diseases (NDD)

Nanomedicine and Nano Safety (NAMEF)

Reproductive Health (RPH)

Translational Medical Research (TMR)

The target group is the community of students from medical faculties and universities, also from life sciences faculties with biomedical education programs.

The research works will be presented in two mandatory parts:

  1. 5-minute oral presentation with PPT.
  2. Interactive poster presentation (required poster size: W90 x H120 cm) – discussion the result with the chairs of the sessions at the poster.

We call abstract for the student conference. The submission deadline is January 06, 2020. Before submission, please read carefully the attached files and use the abstract template file to follow the proper format. The abstract must be sent to Robert Gaspar (, and copy it to Simona Lauerova (

The abstract will be peer reviewed, the authors will be notified about acceptation or rejection till February 03, 2020.

The fee of the conference expenses (travel, registration and accommodation) will be completely covered by RECOOP HST and the students will participate in the subsequent Bridges in Life Sciences Conference as well. The participants should arrive on April 1 (Wednesday) and depart on April 5 (Sunday), 2020.

Abstract Guidelines

Abstract Template