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More than a thousand medical cases during the 17th FINA World Championships

The following medical cases were the most typical, which required an intervention during the first phase of the 17th FINA World Championships organized in Hungary: physiotherapy, joint- and muscle injuries, otorhinolaryngological and ophtalmological acute patient care. Altogether there were almost 1040 medical cases and interventions during the championships. Nearly 130 people were hospitalized, out of which 28 people needed a trauma care. Among the traumatic injuries the most notable one was the rupture of the Achilles tendon of a referee. As regards the athletes, the most serious case was an appendicitis; the operation was carried out at the clinic of Semmelweis University and the athlete has already left the hospital in good condition.

“The medical care services related to the 17th FINA World Championships were ensured by Semmelweis Ltd., which is the property of Semmelweis University. The medical care team mostly consisted of the physicians, health care specialists and medical students of Semmelweis University, but sport loving representatives of other hospitals also strengthened the crew. The medical care team had members from the other three medical universities, as well as from Tirgu Mures (Marosvásárhely). The participating physicians, residents and health care specialists volunteered to do this work in their own spare time. More than 550 people applied for being a member of the medical care team, and nearly 500 people became members of the team after a three-day training.”, emphasized Dr. Béla Merkely, Head of the Medical Team of the 17th FINA World Championships.

The medical team had to provide medical care for the athletes in six sports, five locations and more than ten training pools. In the Danube Arena three medical rooms were established, two at Margaret Island, and one well-equipped medical container by Batthyány square. Furthermore, a 0-24 emergency and hospital patient care service was provided with the involvement of the National Ambulance Service and the Water Rescue Services, and with the help of a multilingual call centre system. The medical team was also present at the hotels, where the athletes were accommodated. The highest number of medical assistance took place in the Danube Arena, but the medical team was needed in every locations of the championships. The most frequent treatment was physiotherapy: 500 people were treated during the nearly two weeks.

The 17th FINA World Masters Championships have been started this week, in the framework of which senior athletes between the age of 30-100 are competing. Since they are not doing sports actively and are not under continuous medical supervision before the competitions, this Masters phase means a greater challenge for the medical team as well.

Source: Directorate of Communications and Event Management
Translation: Katalin Illés-Romhányi

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