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44 graduates at Semmelweis University’s Asklepios off-campus in Hamburg

44 graduates of the Asklepios Campus Hamburg (ACH) received their diplomas issued by Semmelweis University on 21st July at the Hungarian embassy in Berlin. After taking the solemn oath, the students were conferred upon the degree of Doctor of Medicine by Dr. László Hunyady, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dr. Karl J. Oldhafer, Commissioner of the Dean of ACH. This year’s was the sixth graduation ceremony of the university’s off-campus programme run in Hamburg.

Dr. András Izsák, Deputy greeted the guests on behalf of Dr. Péter Györkös, ambassador.

“It is an honour for the Embassy in Berlin to host the graduation ceremony for the sixth time. The two countries share a history of long-standing relationships and cooperation.”, Dr. András Izsák said.

He also congratulated the students on earning their medical degrees from the German-Hungarian joint programme.

In his opening speech Dr. Karl J. Oldhafer, the Dean’s Commissioner of Asklepios Campus Hamburg congratulated the students on becoming colleagues after the graduation ceremony and mentioned that by practicing medicine they could serve society.

“University years resemble ‘Tour de France’; there are rough times and calmer periods, nevertheless, you need dedication all the way through. Consider your profession as a privilege and keep your fellow humans in the focus of your activities.”, Dr. Karl J. Oldhafer said.

The opening speeches were followed by the formal assembly of Semmelweis University’s Senate, which was opened by Dr. László Hunyady, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. After the students’ solemn oath they were conferred upon the title Doctor of Medicine by Dr. László Hunyady and Dr. Karl J. Oldhafer.

Maximilian Mattes Schmidt and Jan-Philipp Heinrich spoke on behalf of the newly graduated students and expressed their gratitude for having the opportunity to become physicians.

“Semmelweis University is a second chance for several German students, who despite their outstanding abilities, have not been admitted to German universities. At first, it was difficult to study in a foreign country far away from our families but we got a lot from our stay in Budapest in return. All of us have a special bond with Hungary.”, they said.

Dr. Attila Mócsai, Director of the Foreign Students’ Secretariat spoke on behalf of Dr. Ágoston Szél, Rector.

“The results of the students indicate the success of this outstanding educational project, therefore I would like to thank you for your dedication and active participation. Faithful to the name Semmelweis, the university is a staple of dignity and acknowledgement. These values have a great appeal for foreign students, as it is proven by the number of applications for the German programme, which exceeds the available places six times. More and more students would like to study here which demonstrates the efficiency of the cooperation between Semmelweis University and Asklepios Campus Hamburg.”, he said.

Dr. István Karádi, former dean of the Faculty of Medicine pointed out that a diploma bearing the name of Semmelweis is a warranty for a solid knowledge based on natural sciences.

“However, more than half a decade of hard work at the university does not end at the graduation ceremony. It means lifelong learning as medicine is an ever changing scientific area and the knowledge necessary for the curing activities needs to be continuously updated.”, he said.

Dr. István Karádi also mentioned the outstanding ranking of Semmelweis University among the world’s 200 most international universities and the importance of empathy in the medical profession.

As a closure to the event Dr. Christoph Jermann, Managing Director of Asklepios Campus Hamburg thanked the students for choosing Asklepios Campus Hamburg and completing their medical studies in this joint programme.

Marianna Kovács, Directorate of International Relations
Photo: Felix Matthies, Asklepios Campus Hamburg
Translation: Ágnes Raubinek

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