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Medical Sociology

Institute of Behavioural Sciences

Name of the course: Medical Sociology  

Type of course:  Compulsory


 ECTS credits: 2

Course Director: Dr. József Kovács

 Study affairs: Bence Döbrössy

Course objectives:

The aim of this course is to help students realise that social factors have a considerable influence on oral/ dental health and dentistry. Social, economic and cultural factors have a great effect on the dentist-patient relationship, the way people make sense of their symptoms and seek dental help, their oral/ dental health related behaviour as well as on the aetiology of oral and dental conditions.

By understanding how different societies are structured and organised and how the categories people belong to (gender, ethnicity, occupation, educational level, financial situation to name but a few) shape all aspects of their lives and opportunities, our hope is that students will better comprehend the social reality influencing the dental health status of people and the practice of dentistry for dentists.

Study material:

Introduction to medical sociology handout dentistry study material

Illness and society general health and oral health through history the changing patterns of dental disease

Health and Illness in society handout

Pain terminology

Social stratification ed handout

Intercultural health care handout


Schedule : 28 contact hours: 14 hours (7 classes) lecture + 14 hours (7 classes) practice


    Week 1 8, February      Lecture      Introduction to the sociology of dentistry. Major concepts and approaches in sociology


Bence  Döbrössy

 Week 2 15, february  Lecture Illness and society: general health and oral health through history the changing patterns of dental disease Bence  Döbrössy

Week 3 22, February Lecture Social stratification and oral health Bence Döbrössy

Week 4 I, March Lecture Sociocultural aspects of pain Szilvia Zörgő
Week 5 8, March Lecture Intercultural Dentistry Bence Döbrössy

Week 6  15, March No class, Public Holiday  No class, Public Holiday No class, Public Holiday
Week 7 22, March Lecture Midterm midterm
Week 8 25-28, March Practice Introduction to practices, guide to reading the literature and doing the presentations Bence Döbrössy

Week 9 1-5, April Practice Social inequalities and dental health gender and ethnicity Bence  Döbrössy

Week 10 8-12, April Practice The dentist patient relationship Bence Döbrössy

15-18 April Spring break Spring Break Spring Break
week 11 23-26 April Practice sociology of dental fear and anxiety Bence Döbrössy

Week 12 29 April- 3, May Practice Patient satisfaction with dental care, cosmetic dentistry Bence Döbrössy

Week 13 6- 10, May Practice dental health provision in the 21st century Bence Döbrössy

Week 14 13-17, May Practice  The profession of dentistry, Dental health care delivery systems Bence Döbrössy

Participation and making up for absences

No less than 75% of all classes must be attended. One practical absence can be made up by undertaking an extra task set by the practical leader or by participating in the practical with another group.

Mode of certification in case of absence from classes or the exam:

Medical certificate given to the teacher or course organiser


  1. 1 Written midterm test in week 7. on the materials covered in the lectures. 30% of the final grade.
  2. project fieldwork in the practicals. 30% of the final grade
  3. Written exam in the examination period 40% of the final grade

Requirements for getting the signature at the end of the course:

Participating in 75% of the classes and doing the fieldwork in the practicals

grading system:

100 points are awarded overall

Midterm 30 point

Fieldwork 30 points

Final exam 40 points


0-50 points – 1

51- 60 points -2

61-74 points -3

75-84 points -4

85 points and over-       5


Final Exam: written

Exam requirements:

The material needed to study will be made available on the departmental homepage.

Applying for exam: via Neptun

Modifying exam application: Via Neptun


Certifying absence from exam: giving medical certificate to the course organiser


group day time location teacher teacher’s e-mail
ED-1 Monday 14.00-15.30 Dentistry

seminar room 1

Döbrössy Bence


ED-2 Friday 9.30-11.00 EOK-4 Döbrössy Bence


ED-3 Friday 16.00—17.30 EOK/7 Döbrössy Bence


ED-4 Friday 14.00-15.40 Dentistry


Döbrössy Bence


ED-5 Monday 15.40-17.10 Dentistry Balogh Döbrössy Bence


Textbook: Applied Sociology of Health and Illness: A Problem Based Learning Approach by

Costas S. Constantinou ISBN 9781908911940

The lecture notes are made available on (