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Topics for thesis

For download: Topics for thesis 2020


Semmelweis University Department of Ophthalmology
Topics for Thesis 2020

Prof. Zoltán Zsolt Nagy:

– Long-term effect of cross-linking therapy in progressive keratoconus

– Evaluation of femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery in cases of toric and multifocal IOL implantation


Prof. Gábor Holló:

– Diagnosis of glaucoma and glaucomatous progression with modern technology


Prof. János Németh:

-Universal Eye Health – Implementation of WHO Global Action Plan

-Ocular surface diseases: diagnosis and therapy

-Telemedical screening for retinal diseases


György Barcsay: Low vision rehabilitation


Béla Csákány: Optical biometry, emmetropisation


Mónika Ecsedy: Diabetic retinopathy: clinical aspects and genetic background


Ágnes Füst:

-Follow-up of keratoplasty patients

-Examination of ocular surface diseases with modern imaging methods


Zsuzsanna Géhl: Optical coherence tomography  imaging in uveitis


Huba Kiss: Pathophysiology of dry eye disease


Illés Kovács:

-Pathophysiology of ocular surface and tear film diseases

-OCT angiography in retinal diseases


Balázs Lesch: Electrophysiologic examinations of inherited retinal diseases


Péter Kóthy: Medical therapy of the glaucoma


Krisztina Knézy: Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy


Erika Maka: Characteristics and Treatment Solutions of Anterior Segment Dysgenesis


Otto Maneschg: Novel surgical approaches in strabismus surgery


András Papp: AntiVEGF treatment in retinal diseases / Intravitreal anti-VEGF injections in the treatment of retinal diseases.


Zsuzsa Récsán:

-Surgery for retinal detachment

-Macular hole surgery

-Ophthalmic complications in diabetes mellitus


Miklós Resch: Imaging of vitreoretinal diseases


Antal Szabó: Strategies in antiVEGF treatment of age related macular degeneration


Irén Szalai: Reconstructive surgery of the lacrimal system


Nóra Szentmáry: Salzmann nodular degeneration of the cornea


Zsuzsanna Szepessy: The modern therapy of non-infectious uveitis