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Basic Surgical Techniques

2019/2020 Academic Year Second Semester


of Basic Surgical Techniques in the event of emergency caused by the novel coronavirus in the 2nd Semester of the Year 2019/2020

Dear Students,

Based on the RECTOR’S ORDER No. 53092-3/AOATO/2020 we would like to inform you, that

We have signed your Semester but it will be valid if you pass the exam and take part in the remaining practices (2 practices each group, 3 practices for groups 2, 4, 14, 17)

The examination test will be available in Moodle (, open Basic Surgical Techniques site.

The examination period starts 18 May 2020 and we have opened 60 spots for the examination days.

Examination dates:

22 May 13.00-14.00

29 May 12.00-13.00

5 June 12.00-13.00

12 June 12.00-13.00

19 June 12.00-13.00

26 June 12.00-13.00

3 July 12.00-13.00

27 August 12.00-13.00

1 September 12.00-13.00

You should register in Neptun till 12.00 am before the examination day.

On the examination days the tests will be opened exactly on the beginning time. Based on the Dean’s Order all students who are registered for the examination should be identified before they start the examination. The identification starts before the examination through the Zoom. (Link will be shared on Moodle site.) The exact time of identification depends on the number of examinees. It starts about 15-30 minutes before the examination time. We will inform you before your exam. Please be ready to show your student’s ID card.

The test includes 100 questions and you will get 60 minutes (without interruption) for solving the test. The question types are mixed: simple choise, multiple choise, matching type, True/False choise, give the Latin name, pictures of different topics. Each question is 1 point, except the multiple choise question.

Point for multiple questions:

If there is only 1 correct answer – 1 point

If there are 2 correct answers – 0.5 point each

If there are 3 correct answers – 0.33 point each

If there are 4 correct answers – 0.25 point each

If you mark all answers but there are only 1, 2 or 3 correct answers you will get 0 point!

Scores and marks:

(5) 90-100 %

(4) 80-89 % 

(3) 70-79 %

(2) 60-69 %

(1) 59 % or less

Regarding on the emergency situation there will not be practical examination in this Semester. The official textbook, the slides of the lectures and the handouts of practical part are available on Moodle. The examination is based on the textbook, the lectures and the theoretical part of the practices.

Best regards,

Műtéttan Team

Budapest, 14/05/2020


Dear Students,

According to the instructions of the Rector, distant education has been launched on 23 March.

The practical classes cannot be taught online, so we have worked out a program that helps your preparation for the remaining practices. All educational materials, textbook, videos, and their corresponding descriptions will be available in the Moodle system. The actual practices will have to be completed after the emergency situation has been revoked.

All groups, except gr. 2, 4, 14, 17 have finished the 3rd practice, and four more practicals remained.

  •    4th practice: practice of running suture lines
  •    5th practice: introducing the laparoscopic tower and instruments/ practicing  the laparoscopic techniques in pelvitrainers
  •    6th practice: practicing the laparoscopic techniques in pelvitrainers/ repeating the stitching techniques
  •    7th practice: repeating the scrubbing techniques, gowning and gloving; rat operation

The plan for implementation of the Basic Surgical Techniques practices is as follows:

  • We offer you more videos that can help you to prepare yourself for the practices. These videos introduce the stitching techniques, laparoscopic instruments, and interventions. Many of them are now available in Moodle.
  • We are also preparing own department videos explaining step-by-step the proper stitching techniques.
  • We are attaching a detailed description of the proper surgical instrument handling, the correct stitching techniques, and all the essential information that will help your preparation for the suturing practices. This handout can not replace the 4th practice but can help you to prepare you mentally. 
  • We are preparing a detailed description of the laparoscopic tower and instruments and will upload a slide show with pictures and videos to Moodle. This can replace one part of the 5th practice.
  • The surgical scrubbing procedure, gowning, and gloving were introduced in the 1st practice. We are going to offer you video to repeat all the steps, and a detailed description will help your proper preparation.
  • We have cancelled the 7th practice, and its practical time will be used as a replacement of the 4th and 5th/6th practices.
  • Everybody should re-take 2×3 practices (2 times 2h and 15 min.) and a 45-minute-length practice for scrubbing.
  • When this emergency situation is resolved, we offer you more dates for re-taking the practices independently from your original group.
  • Concerning this emergency situation, we will not organize competitions in this Semester.

This period is challenging for everybody, so we have amended the Requirements to support you and make your exam period easier. So we will not have a practical and oral exam.

The requirement for acknowledging the Semester is the attendance of the remaining practices (see 7) and pass a test exam. (See exam questions in exam Requirements and learn the surgical instruments and laparoscopic instruments. Pictures of instruments and stitches could be in the test.) We will offer you more dates for the exam.

The slides of the remaining lecture are uploaded in Moodle.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards and take care of yourself.

Műtéttan Team