Location: Situated only 30 km from the city center of Budapest, next to the highway. It has an excellent access either by train, or by car. A nice, four stars hotel for cca. 300 guests is located nearby. The facility is in the neighborhood of Research Institute for Animal Breeding, Nutrition and Meat Science (RIABNM) belongs to the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Center (NARIC), one of the most prestigious veterinary research centers of Hungary. The connection with the RIABNM provides a lot of additional values to our work. The biggest obstacle of setting up such large animal facilities is the need of a relative huge area for animals to keep, taking care of long term, or even breed. Classical medical building, hospitals rarely can afford the construction of it, because of the lack of free space, or it is not allowed from the point of view of environmental health. 

In our case the veterinary research institute offers solutions for all these problems. It has enough space, well trained staff, and even separated stable is available for animals with high individual value (like minipigs), with surgical implants, during chronic experiments, or telemetric setups etc. RIABNM is a continuous source of high quality experimental animals too. A wide range of animals are available: hybrid breed of pigs, in any different size and age, sheep, and also special species like the ancient Hungarian pork breed, the mangalica, which is very much in demand for metabolic experiments.

The surgical training facility lays over cca. 400 m2, with an operating area of 200 m2. The training facilities are equipped with five operating stations, where trainees can learn and practice laparo- and endoscopic skills on a variety of models, prepared animal organs and living, anaesthetized animals. For interventional radiology a C-arm image intensifier is also available. The exact setup can be changed by the expectation of our guests.