The departmental staff directs and organizes the work of the Workplace Animal Welfare Committee, which oversees university-related activities involved with animal experiments at Semmelweis University. The department’s infrastructure also enables annually courses for PhD students, researchers and specialists (Experimental animals – PhD and in-service training in animal experiments).

The depertments research main topics include:

  • Experimental research of small intestinal transplantation
  • Development and in vivo investigation of biocompatible tissue replacement scaffolds
  • Investigation and prevention of postoperative adhesions
  • Examination of PIM cell role in pseudoallergic reactions related to complement system activation
  • Applicability investigation and integration possibilities of up to date information technology methods in current surgical training
  • Exploration of different alternatives to reduce the use of experimental animals in the light of European and domestic 3R approach directives

Furthermore, the department accepts and is open to cooperate in examination and development  of novel operation techniques and methods or preclinical examination of surgically treated diseases which would require the departmen’s infrastructural resources or theoretical and practical experience of the departmental staff.