For 10 years we have been teaching the compulsory subject “Experimental and Surgical Surgery” to preclinical module third-year students. The subject has been taught in Hungarian to 3,550 students throughout 10 semesters and to 1,580 English and 973 German students for 8 semesters in foreign language education. During this time, Surgery has become a popular subject as students can rediscover their own hands after theoretical lessons. Our practices, which also use the positive effects of competitive teaching, provide students with the opportunity to experience their own dexterity and compare themselves to their peers. 

As part of the postgraduate training, from 2016, 25 courses have so far been completed by 500 colleagues for the compulsory “Surgical Skill Training” for residents of surgical specialties. In order to develop the surgical knowledge and skills of specialists, we provide accredited, credit-based courses in the fields of sutures and wound healing, basic and advanced laparoscopic, and microsurgical and minimally invasive surgery.