Demonstrator Scholarship

Terms and conditions of Teaching Assistant (TA) work at the Department of  Experimental Cardiology and Surgical Techniques of the Heart and Vascular Center in English and German education Academic Year 2024/2025.

Please also complete the privacy statement on the last page of the application form!

Application conditions:

  • 4th, 5th and 6th year medical student
  • Succesfully passed exam of Basic Surgical Techniques with marks excellent (5) or good (4)
  • Exemplary behavior
  • Achieved at least a good result in the previous academic year
  • Has good communication skills
  • Has good manual skills

Tasks to be performed:

  • Take part in preparation before the practices (eg. preparing shoe covers, srubbing suits, gloves, threads, needles, etc.)
  • Assisting the work of the teacher during the pratices
  • Participation in lectures of the department
  • Participation in organizing competitions for 3rd year students

Rules of TA’s work:

  • The appointment is for one semester (II. semester)
  • The institute announces 6 paid and 6 non-paid demonstration venues
  • Participation on the practices at least once a week (12 hours per month)
  • Up to two teacher assisstant can join to each groups
  • During the semester, the demonstrator may be absent from the practices no more than twice (at least 12 attendances/semester)
  • Participation in the organization of competition plus a signature may be obtained

    Signature requirements:

  • No more absences than allowed

  • Active participation on practices

  • Preparation and submission of a demonstrator’s report to the department by the end of the current semester/term

    Students studying in English or German language will receive the demonstrator grant in one lump sum at the end of the academic semester, after the head of the relevant education and research department has certified the completion of the assignment (certificate of completion). This is done by the Centre for International Studies. The amount of the Demonstrator Scholarship will be determined according to the provision of the Dean’s Circular letter 55867-2/AOATO/2020.

    Application is open until the end of the exam period of Academic Year 2023/2024. II. Semester (7/7/2023.) by downloading the application form from the department’s website ( Please send the filled and signed application forms to the Please do not forget to fill and sign the GDPR form on the last page of the application form. The submitted applications will be forwarded to the Faculty’s Dean’s Office. Applications submitted after the deadline or in an incorrect form and manner will not be accepted!

    We strongly encourage students studying in German language to submit their application in English using the English application form to the Department of Surgery and Surgery directly at Please include a copy with the German responsible for German education. Applications submitted after the deadline or in an incorrect form and manner will not be accepted!

    The head of the Faculty with the involvement of the Student’s Union, decides on the evaluation of the received applications no later than the beginning of the autumn semester, which simultaneously notifies the students and informs the relevant educational and research organizational units.

    Following the decision of the Dean, the responsible for TAs of the department will contact the students for further consultation.

    Unfortunately we cannot accept applications after the deadline mentioned above.

    Responsible for TAs (from 15/01/2024.):

    Ramin Talebian MD

    • NET XI. floor, room 1107.
    • Telephone: 06-1-459-1500/56576
    • Email: