Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 25 September 2022
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Dear Students,
From the 2020/2021. academic year the Department of Surgical Research and Techniques organize 3 new credit courses:

The main aim of our new credit courses are to develop the surgical skills of students interested in the surgical professions. The courses are for 4th, 5th and 6th year students who have previously completed the compulsory course “Basic Surgical Techniques” with a grade excellent (5) or good (4). In addition, the successful completion of Intermediate knotting and suturing techniques course is a prerequisite for the Advanced Suturing Techniques and Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques courses.

The courses will be held at a pre-announced time, in blocks (2 full days from 9:00-16:00) and the attendance on both appointments is mandatory. Registration to the courses is via Neptun System. Please register to the course only if you are likely to take part both times. The Intermediate knotting and suturing techniques course is held in the autumn semester of each academic Year, and the Advanced suturing techniques and the Advanced laparoscopic techniques courses are held in the spring semester of each academic year.

Action plans:

Advanced laparoscopic techniques 2021/2022 academic year 

Advanced suturing techniques 2021/2022 academic year