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Please read the Occupational and safety instructionsavailable on the Moodle page of Forensic Medicineregarding the rules of the autopsy room before attending the practice!


Pandemic-related safety instructions

Our students are required to wear at least a surgical mask during all classes. Our department can provide said masks, should it be necessary.

Students are required to have recieved SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in order to attend classes.

Vaccinations with multiple doses are accepted as long as the first dose has already been administered and the appointment for the second one is set.

In order to attend classes, please download and fill out the form, provided on the Moodle page for the subject and bring it with you for the first day of your attendance!

Without the properly completed declaration form, we can not ensure admittance to any class that requires personal attendance. Thank you for your understanding!


October 22th 2021 – 10:00-12:00 no classes

November 1th – All saints’

February 9th-11th – TDK conference

March 11th – 10.00-12:00 no classes

March 15th – National holiday