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Forensic Medicine course


Forensic pathology is the study of death. The course in forensic pathology provides an introduction to the mechanisms of injuries and diseases and to the morphology and clinical characteristics of a broad spectrum of injuries and disease entities. In thiscourse we will aim to provide a foundation for the understanding of the injuries and disease states at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, and organismal levels.

By the end of the course, we expect that you will have:

Sufficient data about basic disease reactions and organ specific reactions so that you can:

Interpret signs and symptoms elicited in a patient’s history and create a differential diagnosis

Sufficient knowledge of gross forensic pathology and histopathology so that you can:

Interpret findings at autopsy

Interpret forensic pathology reports

Intelligently review forensic pathology slides and images with a consulting forensic pathologist

An awareness of the role of the autopsy in medicine.

In addition, we expect that the unique format of this course will enable you:

To develop skills in self-directed learning, problem solving, critical reasoning, presenting data, and intellectual team work

To relate basic forensic pathology knowledge to clinical medicine

To read and assess with critical intelligence the current medical literature to facilitate life-long learning

Please note that attendance on practical sessions is compulsory. If you missed more than 7×45 minutes of practical sessions, please contact the Educational Advisor of the Department.

Regarding regulations due to pandemic situation up to date measures will be announced in the beginning of each two-week session for each group.


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