István Szivós M.D. Benefit

István Szivós M.D. Benefit for Athletes of our University 2022/23

Application published by: Prof. Béla Merkely M.D. Rector
Submission deadline of application: 12th April 2023, 6:00 PM
How to apply: only electronically on Neptun
The total budget available for this benefit: 10,000,000 HUF (1 million per month for ten months)
Eligible sum to be awarded: 50,000 HUF or 100,000 HUF or 150,000 HUF per month for ten months


Documentation needed for the application:

  • Certificate of active student status at Semmelweis University
  • Semmelweis University Sports Club membership certificate (proof of payment of the departmental fee)
  • Proof of participation in a University championship (recorded in a report)
  • CV describing your sports career (personal data, e-mail, year, faculty, Neptun code)
  • Motivational letter
  • Recommendation from a Departmental Coach and/ or Head of the Department
Evaluation deadline of the applications: 19th April 2023
Members of the Evaluation Board:

President: Ferenc Bánhidy M.D. General Deputy Rector

Members: Kornélia Várszegi, Félix Takács

Evaluation criteria:

The Board will rank the applicants based on the documents submitted, the outstanding performances during training sessions & University Championships, and the recommendation given by the Coach/ Head of the Department.

To be awarded the 150,000 HUF prize, you must meet the following criteria: Participation in 1st or 2nd division championships (even previous, but certified ones) or in a University Championship finishing in the first three places, or lesser places in specified events to be judged by the Evaluation Board.

The number of possible winners: May be established within the limits of the available budget. However, based on the applications received, the Board may decide not to use the entire budget.
Announcing the winners: Through Neptun, solely electronically
The publication of the list of winners: The names of the winners and the sum of the prize bestowed on them will be available publicly on the website of the P.E. and Sport Centre.
Payment of the benefit:

Within three days of the evaluation of the applications, the Board will notify the Education Network Management Directorate about the results, who will arrange the payment to the student(s) according to the timetable and the amount decided by the Board, taking into account the Reimbursement and Financial Policy 5/B.§.

The athlete’s benefit must be paid by the 10th day of the month in question at the latest. If there is an alteration of the payments compared to the ones described within this paragraph (“eligible sum to be awarded”), the Education Network Management Directorate will arrange for the payment to be distributed to the student(s) within 15 days after making the decision.


If you have any questions concerning this benefit, please contact the Director of the P.E. and Sport Centre, Kornélia Várszegi:

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