Voluntary benefit will be ended by may 1st. The last period for applying for work done in April 2022, is from 1st to 8th May.


Benefits for Voluntary Work During the Epidemic

The Students’ Union of Semmelweis University, in agreement with the President of the Clinical Center, announces an opportunity for those students who participated in clinical work during the pandemic from July 2021 until withdrawn, referencing paragraphs (5) and (6) of § 20 of the Semmelweis University Reimbursement and Benefits Regulations.


Benefits will be awarded to students based on the following points:

Benefits for voluntary, epidemiological work: Awarded to Hungarian or International students who performed epidemiological management tasks at the Emergency Medical Clinic of Semmelweis University, vaccination centers, or COVID departments in the University campus, thus helping to control the COVID-19 pandemic in Hungary. 


I. Eligible to applicants:

Full-time students of the Hungarian or International programs are eligible for the voluntary benefits. They must have an active status during the application period and take part in state-funded/Hungarian state (partial) scholarship programs, remunerated/self-financed full-time programs, part-time undergraduate, master’s/ postgraduate courses, previously systematic undergraduate education (at university/ college level), higher education vocational training, or higher vocational training and doctoral studies. You can apply more than once if you meet the aforementioned criteria.


II. How to apply:

a) Where to submit your application:
Applications can be submitted in Neptun – Administration – Requests.

b) The date of submission of the application:
Applications can be submitted from the 1st day until 8:00 PM on the 8th day of each month. The application will encompass the work of the previous month. The period of validity of the application period will last until it is withdrawn by the Chancellor or the President of the Clinical Center.

Failure to comply with the deadline shall have a forfeiting effect. No substitution is possible. Applicants must submit their application by the end of the application period (point II b)). The request is considered as submitted if it is listed under Neptun – Administration menu – Requests menu – Submitted requests tab. Applications are individual, so in the case of group applications, each student participating in the group activity must submit an application.


III. Certificates, documents to be submitted:

The form specified in the application form must be submitted.


IV. Criteria and time limits for application review; board or individual responsible for reviewing:

Eligibility and the financial amount of the benefits will be determined based on the content of the document referred to in point III. The President of the Students’ Union will prepare a proposal to the Public Affairs Committee, containing the number of beneficiaries and the sum of the allocated benefactions. The President will present the calculation of the total sum, and the Committee will award the recipients according to the following criteria:

 Voluntary benefit: an additional basis for the evaluation of the application are the attendance statistics. They are collected in a database and managed by Semmelweis University and the Students’ Union, which are examined ex officio by the Committee responsible for the evaluation.

The financial sum will be awarded by the Committee based on the hourly wage allocated by the Chancellor of Semmelweis University and the President of the Clinical Centre. This depends on the number of applications submitted during the designated month and the available budget.

The Selection Board may award and limit the number of recipients, considering the available budget and the nature of the activities carried out.

The evaluation shall be completed by the Committee (Public Affairs Committee) pursuant to Article 8(3) of the Reimbursement and Benefits Policy, and they shall decide on the award and the financial amount of the benefit.

The person who applied for the benefit opportunity may not take part in the evaluation of his/her application.


V. Other information:

a) Data processing

  • The President of the Students’ Union, the person authorized by him/her, and the Evaluation Committee are entitled to process the personal data provided during the application process. The data will be used solely to evaluate and process the application.
  • Applicants may contact the University’s Data Protection Officer regarding the processing and protection of personal data.

b) The person preparing the assessment may allow you to correct the application after it has been submitted.

c) Legal remedies: according to the general regulations.


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