Az egyetem munkatársai által beadott védőoltások száma - 2022. augusztus 07.
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KC Struktur Kft. donated 50 of their newly developed and 3D printed half masks to Semmelweis University’s Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Thearpy. The masks were handed over to Dr. Judit Laki, employee of the department by Boglárka Csősz, the company’s co-owner and head of external relations.

 Botond Csősz, co-owner and designer of KC Struktur Kft. and Miklós Kállai, co-owner and engineer started experiments in 3D printed masks in the spring of 2020. After settling with the right shape, they started testing the half mask with live viruses. The respirator mask is made of soft silicone, therefore it can be easily disinfected by disinfectants or by boiling and thanks to the replaceable filters, it is also reusable.

According to plans, the masks will be marketed in three continents. Its efficiency was certified by WHO at the end of 2020 and entire mask, including the body made of thermoplastic elastomer received the PPE-R III European authentication.