Within Visegrad Scholarships Program, International Visegrad Fund supports Master´s and Post-Master´s studies and research activities in all disciplines and in any language for up to four semesters at accredited higher education institutions across Central and Eastern Europe.

Master and post-Master scholars and researchers who are citizens of the Visegrad countries can apply for scholarship to study at any accredited university/institute within V4 (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia) and in Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo*, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine.

Visegrad Scholarships only cover studies at Master’s (MA or equivalent) or post-Master’s (doctoral studies programs or independent research e.g. at a postdoc)level. BA degree is not required at the time of application but the scholar must have completed at least 6 semesters of higher education or hold the equivalent of a Bachelor’s (BA) degree at the time of starting the scholarship.

Study period/length of support is  min 1 semester (5 months), max 4 semesters (20 months) for Master’s degree studies, 2 semesters (10 months) for Post-Master’s degree studies. The amount of the support is 2,300 €/semester paid for scholar + 1,500 €/semester paid for the host institution.



Application for Visegrad Scholarships must be submitted online via http://my.visegradfund.org/Account/Login by March 15, 12.00 (noon) and must include the enclosures enlisted on the website. The application system opens at the beginning of February.


More information: www.visegradfund.org/mobilities